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We are now looking for financed boiler sales representatives, to sell our new packages to customers on a self-generating basis. Many companies are struggling with schemes from ECO, running out of funding with sporadic or even no existent payments.

We are offering terms for the customer from 1 – 5 Years with a variable APR. This means you are able to offer the customers a competitive rate for an essential service. (Please see the matrix attached

We have 3 packages for the customer to choose from –

Bronze Package – The cheapest option for a cost effective solution.

Prices starting from: £1299 @ APR 15.9%

Commission: £80.00 +VAT (if applicable)

Agency: £110 +VAT (if applicable)

Silver Package – A mid-range package, we would recommend this as the standard package.

Prices starting from: £1899 @ APR 7.9%

Commission: £100 +VAT (if applicable)

Agency: £130 +VAT (if applicable)

Gold Package – Top of range boiler, best warranties but more expensive.

Prices starting from: £2449 @ APR 0.0%

Commission: £120 +VAT (if applicable)

Agency: £150 +VAT (if applicable)

Also you can make extra commission for selling additional items ranging from £5 - £50 per item.

We pay commission within a 30 day window or on installation, whichever is sooner.

The average is 14 days.

You have to fill out our sales pack, once the customer has decided to proceed you can call our office and we will carry out a credit check. If successful we shall then send the credit agreement for the customer to sign, once this is done, the customer can have a new boiler installed.

If you require more information, please take a look at our website above or call on 0843 289 5402.

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